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Pricing / On-Demand Pricing

Flat Tire? Have a Spare?

$55 - 75

Changing a tire can be both intimidating and dangerous if you’re not experienced with the correct way to go about changing a tire. One of our Roadside Assistance providers will come out to you and change over your flat tire and get you back on the road, while you remain safe and secure in your car or comfortable inside your home or office.

Out Of Fuel?

$55 - 125

Run out of Fuel? Roadsiderx can deliver you an emergency supply of petrol or diesel fuel to get you back on the road again. Don’t let running out of fuel ruin your day. Call Roadsiderx today! Pay As You Go customers can get fuel at the touch of a button, with our new Roadsiderx Assistance web app. Simply tap the app, choose ‘Fuel’, process payment and we will be on the way to get you going again. We will bring you 2.5 Gallons of Unleaded or 5.0 Gallons of Diesel to your location. Roadside Assistance made easy!


Jump Start? Dead Battery?

$45 - 65

Jumpstart, no problem! Leaving your lights on or having a power drain on from your vehicle is a common problem. As part of our Roadsiderx Assistance services we provide a professional jump-start to get you back on the road again. Modern cars are more complex than ever and serious damage can be caused to your vehicle if a jumpstart is not performed correctly. Our Jumpstart service is available via our ‘Pay As You Go’ Emergency Roadsiderx Assistance product anywhere, anytime.

Battery Replacement

$125 - 175

Our Roadsiderx Assistance providers also deliver and install replacement Batteries anywhere, anytime for all cars, 4-wheel-drive and trucks applications – in most cases under 50 minutes. Because our Car Batteries are professionally installed and manufactured to the highest quality standards, we provide a 3-year manufacture warranty* including all stop/start batteries to provide you with added peace of mind. Roadsiderx Battery replacement, because life keeps moving and so should you.

**Some restrictions apply


Vehicle Lockout

$75 - 125

Locked keys inside your car? It happens more often than you think. In most cases Roadsiderx Response can retrieve the keys for you. Alternatively we can arrange to pick up your spare set of keys or arrange to tow your vehicle home. If you need an automotive locksmith, call Roadsiderx today. Find out more.

**Some restrictions apply




Home Lockout


Roadsiderx has licensed locksmith providers in our network.  Our locksmiths will get you in your home asap. Give us a call! (All states have different licensing requirements) 


$75 - 325

Our network of locksmiths make automotive, commercial, and residential keys. Depending on the make and model of your vehicle, prices vary greatly. Call for pricing of your particular vehicle.

**Some restrictions apply



$75 - 350

We’re here to take the hassle out of your breakdown situation. Vehicles have become more complex and the days of repairing breakdowns at the roadside are over. Our Towing  service is provided by a network of licensed & insured independent towing providers to ensure we not only have the best coverage available but also have the right recovery vehicle for you.

All pricing is based on hook/drop fee and mileage. All network companies have there own pricing.


**Some restrictions apply

Winch out

$75 - 165

Is your vehicle stuck in a ditch, mud or any other situation. Our network of licensed & insured tow companies are here to get you going again.

**Some restrictions apply